I'm a god-free planet-lover and TV murder mystery aficionado. I write, paint, draw, take photographs, potter in the garden, and let the ironing pile up until there's nothing left to wear.

I’ve been a bank clerk, farm worker, art teacher, cleaner, kennel maid, rabbit breeder, cook, abstract writer, catering assistant, shop assistant, market gardener, delivery driver, barmaid, interior decorator, office temp, hospital domestic, healthcare researcher, journalist, supply teacher, humanist celebrant, home help, dog walker, house sitter, designer, copy writer, illustrator, portrait artist, video-graphic artist, benefits claimant and single parent – in no particular order.

I've been Labour and Liberal Democrat, but never Conservative. I’ve been an activist, public speaker, organiser, chairperson, council member and all-round nuisance. Now I spend too much time on the Internet.