Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Elegant letters

If you're not a graphic or web designer, you may not think about the design of the words you're reading. I did Fine Art at college, so typography wasn't part of my course. It's only been since I got a PC and have done some freelance design that I've got to know a little bit about it. Travelling around town, I've been known to shout out the names of some of my favourite fonts when I spot them in posters and shop signs. Weird, yes.

Nueva standard, which I've used in the heading of my blog (see above) used to be included in the list of fonts that came with Photoshop, but it disappeared. All I had left was Nueva condensed, which I hardly use. So now I've made up for the loss, with the advantage of being able to use it in Microsoft Office programmes.

The font was designed by an American, Carol Towmbly, in 1994.

It's possible to download Nueva and many other fonts free of charge. This is as unethical as using someone else's illustration without permission. So I paid, and I have a licence. Now my conscience is telling me to go through this blog and remove all the pictures that aren't copyright-free. I may be some time.

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