Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The BBC's news channel has been offering reviews of the year, including the weather. Their year's a bit different to mine.

Aneurin Bevan (aka Nye Bevan),
Having turned 70, I accumulated a few more ailments, including increasing deafness and a couple of small skin cancers. I continue to be grateful that I don't live America, and thank Bevan daily for the NHS. Maybe if they did something about keeping drunks out of A & E and making them pay for wasting time and money, it would help to pay the staff.

News stories and TV programmes about extreme weather only seemed to mention climate change as an afterthought. I predict that the floods on the Somerset levels will happen again, despite the river dredging, and the east coast will be eroded even more. In fact, extreme weather will affect all of us, everywhere, while governments drag their heels and ignore scientific and mathematical facts. Climate change may have had a few mentions, but the elephant in the room, population, has been totally ignored.

I gave up my Motability car in July 2013 and haven't missed it. It was harder to see where I was going at night, due to macular disease, and even in daylight my eyes didn't work well enough. The lovely guys at Hadleigh Private Hire Cars and other taxi firms have looked after me well, including hauling my lightweight mobility scooter in and out of their cars, in pieces, and helping me to take it apart and put it back together again. It's worked out cheaper to use taxis than run a car that was spending an increasing amount of time in the garage anyway and conversations as a front seat passenger have been enjoyable. Thank you, Mike, Trevor, Nick, Keith, John and all.

It's 6½ years since Wizzy died. I'd have liked another dog, never having been so long without one, but although I used to exercise ours with my scooter, I have too many PJ days now. We still had cats, but the last of them, Audrey, died this spring. At the beginning of June I adopted two more cats, Chewie and Maisie, from Cat Protection. Various research projects have shown the health benefits of pet ownership, but I just enjoy having them around. Meanwhile, Mia, a Burmese who used to belong to a relative who died and was adopted by a friend, has been a regular visitor to the patients in a local hospice.

It's been an uneventful year for me. The drama has all been elsewhere. There's a lot to be said for living a quiet life but I have plans for next year. Watch this space.

Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy New Year!