Monday, October 13, 2014

Farage the scrounger

There's a BBC TV programme called Saints and Scroungers, presented by the excellent Matt Allwright, that features stories about criminals who've swindled local authorities out of £1000s with false benefits claims. In many of these cases, the swindlers aren't just sent to prison, their assets are seized to repay what they've stolen.

Another BBC TV programme, Panorama, has just dealt with that walking gargoyle, Nigel Farage, who's claimed a huge amount of public money as an MEP, yet hasn't actually done the job he's being paid for. Five years ago, Farage boasted that he'd taken £2 million in expenses as an MEP, in addition to his salary of £64,000. How much more has he pocketed since then? In June this year he admitted claiming £205,000 for office space that's actually provided free of charge by a party supporter. At the beginning of this year, The Mirror reported,
UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his Euro MPs claimed nearly £800,000 in expenses and allowances from the EU in one year while campaigning for Britain to leave.

The party’s grasping MEPs billed taxpayers £370,000 for office costs and got nearly £420,000 subsistence allowances for meals and hotels.
It's well known that UKIP MEPs have the worst attendance record in the the European Parliament and, when Farage does attend, it's only to be rude to other members. Guy Verhofstadt MEP pointed out the hypocrisy of Farage's constant accusations about the "waste of money" in the EU, saying that his salary was the biggest waste of money as he's never there!

Farage doesn't represent British interests, as he's failed to vote on important issues, such as fishing quotas.

So, how is it that those who take money they're not entitled to from the public purse are imprisoned and required to repay it, yet Farage can carry on scrounging?