Sunday, February 16, 2014

Some good could come of the floods

Some good could come from the UK floods if they prompt more people to take climate change seriously and agitate to do something about it, including changing their own lifestyles. Most of the recent TV news stories have largely ignored weird weather elsewhere, but it's a global phenomenon. Cameron has surrounded himself with climate change sceptics who all need some remedial science education. If they could take their heads out of their arses long enough to see the error of their ways, it might be possible for the UK to lead the world with action. There are do-nothings in all parties, but the Tories currently have the most power.

Lots of angry people have been filmed blaming the Environment Agency, the government, anyone but themselves, for what's happening. Most seem oblivious of the effect of their own energy consumption, not just for household and motor fuel, but in all the consumer products that are floating off down their gardens. At least they might expect some help from UK emergency services. What about the people of the Pacific Islands, who'll soon lose their homelands due to rising sea levels? They barely have any impact on the climate, yet they're still victims.

The elephant in the room, that no one in power will acknowledge, is over-population. The planet is full. More people = more consumption = more warming. For more on this, go to Population Matters.

If any of this strikes a chord, write or email as many people in power as you can, and keep on doing it. For more on climate change, see my collection of articles in Delicious.
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