Friday, January 17, 2014

Bloody immigrants, taking all our jobs!

The right-wing press has been full of anti-immigrant alarmist claptrap recently, leading up to the anticipated influx of Romanians and Bulgarians. They must have been disappointed that only about thirty have turned up to far, since most have gone elsewhere, to countries like Spain.

I follow The Medical Registrar on Facebook, pseudonym of more than one NHS hospital doctor, where they let off steam about the reality of healthcare and government lunacy. Yesterday he or she posted the following:
I wonder if Mrs Daily Mail reader and her Daily Mail reading family would appreciate the irony that tonight, her life was saved by a team consisting of an Indian SHO; a Chinese radiologist; a Pakistani medical registrar; a Welsh consultant physician; Spanish, Filipino and Irish nurses; a Romanian and an Australian anaesthetist; an English surgeon; Bulgarian, Scottish and Polish porters; using equipment made in China, Britain, Germany, Japan, France and Italy; drugs made in Britain, America, India and Greece; and all working together as team. Oh and by the way, several of these people are gay.

No? Probably not.
I'm very grateful for all the foreign NHS staff who've taken care of me over the years. Among other things, I'd have rotten teeth, since my NHS dental practice relies on some lovely, cheerful people from all over the Europe and further afield.