Monday, March 04, 2013

The Pope and population control

The election of a new pope is in the news, together with the disgrace of the former Cardinal Keith O'Brien. The Catholic Church's scandals over child abuse and priests attacking homosexuality while secretly lusting after other men are bad enough, but by far the biggest problem that the Catholic Church has inflicted on all of us is its opposition to population control. Catholic women, like brood animals, are expected to produce lots of babies, whether or not they can afford to feed them. In countries like the Philippines, priests bully women into not using contraception, though a new law will allow them free access to it.

The poverty issue is only part of this. The world's population is increasing at a terrifying rate, with consequences for climate change, food and water scarcity, conflict, land issues and species extinction. This short video by Dr Jack Alpert shows why, and that it's no longer just about stabilising the population - it must decrease.

As long as the Catholic Church keeps denying the truth, it's difficult to see how things will change. As far as child abuse and homosexuality are concerned, the issues are serious, but when it comes to contraception, the church's influence is deadly.

Population Matters

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