Saturday, March 16, 2013

The meaning of life

Found on Facebook - American spelling! J
A couple of days ago, when my math teacher asked, "Any questions?”, I asked, "What is the meaning at life?". She replied, “The meaning of life is math."

Today, we realised that, in the alphabet, M is the 13th letter, A is the 1st letter, T is the 20th letter, and H is the 8th letter.



Bob Churchill said...

I remember a friend doing this at school. "FISH" (which feature in the series) and "DADAMS" also add up to 42.

Margaret Nelson said...

And there's this:
42 explained by a bunch of number nerds.

Nick Hamilton said...

In Japanese 4 is Shi And 2 is ni.
combined you shini which is a abbreviation for shinigami (death bringer) therefore the meaning of life is death

Anonymous said...

The Meaning of Life is to have a Life with Meaning...Booyah!