Wednesday, December 05, 2012

An Al Jazeeran view of life in Iraq

It would be good if more people in the UK and US (especially the US) were to watch Al Jazeera's programmes online, offering a different perspective on Middle Eastern and International news stories. In the UK you can watch Al Jazeera live on Freeview TV or on their website.

There was a saddening report tonight in 'Fault Lines' (features that "examine the US' role in the world") about Iraq after the occupation. It was particularly disturbing to see that a high proportion of babies born in Fallujah have severe deformities. The Americans used uranium-enriched weapons there and the consequences look like those suffered in Japan after Hiroshima. Many babies are born dead, many die soon after they're born, and those who survive are hideously deformed. I can't find the report on the website as I type, but you might search for it in a day or two.

The consensus of opinion among ordinary Iraqis is that Iraq has not been left a better place than it was. Far from it, with high level corruption (including the president), Kurdish leaders exploiting natural resources with foreign help for their own benefit, and land-grabbing, like the worst examples in China and Palestine. Was it worth killing 10,000s of Iraqi civilians to get rid of Saddam and his mythical weapons? Few Iraqis think so.

Damn George Bush and Tony Blair, that arch-hypocrite.

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