Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Point of View to the BBC

Waste of time, probably, but I've emailed the BBC's Points of View:
It's Monday 12th, and I've stopped watching or listening to BBC News as I'm heartily sick of its current obsession with itself. It seems to me that the only people who're predicting the BBC's imminent collapse are BBC staff, managers and so on, plus media hacks of all sorts. I've heard several doom-mongers go on about restoring "public trust", but has anyone bothered to ask the public? None of my friends on the social networking sites I frequent seem to have lost trust in the BBC, which we regard as the best broadcaster in the world. So BBC staff are fallible; so what? For goodness' sake, pull yourselves together and start offering balanced news reports again, while the managers sort out who did what and why. I'm happy to continue paying my licence fee but I will remain rather cross if you continue to devote so much air time to yourselves. It's boring and irritating. I'm sure there are some paedophiles out there who probably appreciate investigative journalists being distracted by the hoo-ha. 

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