Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More public money for crap "art"

Sorry, but here's another rant about public money going to pay for crap art. In my last post I expressed annoyance that Tracey Emin has been paid out of the public purse for her rubbish Olympics tube map illustration. Now I learn that that other colossal fraud, Damien Hirst, is benefiting from the Olympics too.

The Tate has a Hirst exhibition as part of the London 2012 Festival, "the most exciting festival the UK has ever seen, bringing more than 10 million opportunities to see 12,000 performances and events. Leading artists from all over the world will come together for this unique event to celebrate London 2012." The Tate describes him as "one of the most influential artists of his generation", ignoring his plagiarism, his delegation of the actual creation of his art to his assistants, and his cynical exploitation of wealthy art collectors with more money than sense.

It is exhibitions like this that maintain Hirst's reputation. Your taxes - think of the security costs for looking after the Swarovski skull! - help to prop up his value at auction. That makes this an unaccountable transfer of public money from the many to the wealthy elite.

If our gallery directors want to express their patriotism, they should do better sell all the Hirsts in the national collection at once. Crash the market and grab the cash. Call it art! Damien would.

Then use the money to support some artists who have something interesting to say. 
If only they would.

Meanwhile, how can we stop Emin, Hirst and other rubbish artists getting their hands on any more public money?


KDG said...

I'm with you 100%. I did see some good drawings and sketches by Emin, but most of her public 'art' is garbage. Hirst & Emin just milk the gullible. Who are the fools?

Margaret Nelson said...

Good drawings and sketches by Emin? Where? Do tell!