Monday, June 11, 2012

On being 68

Today I’m sixty-eight.
How did that happen?
Born five days after D-Day.
Mum was very glad
They’d invented gas and air.

Still trying to work out
What to do when I grow up.
So far, have sampled
A range of occupations
Of varying skill levels.

Wasn’t very good at
Selling hats or teaching.
Didn’t do too badly at
Milking cows or drawing.
Left it a bit late but
Still keeping my options open.

Given birth twice
With one happy outcome.
Had cancer twice
And thanked the doctors.
Broke an arm and a leg,
Not at the same time.

If I don’t make it
To sixty-nine,
Just say
She muddled through,
And help yourselves to
What’s in the larder.


@megatonlove said...

You put the great in sixty-eight. Happy birthday, Margaret.

Margaret Nelson said...

Thank you darling! X