Monday, August 29, 2011

Nuclear power? You cannot be serious!

The Japanese will have to deal with radioactive pollution from the Fukushima reactor for generations. A reactor in Maryland has been damaged by Hurricane Irene. Don't forget Sellafield. What they all have in common is that they're by the sea, which no one can control. We have a nuclear power station at Sizewell on the Suffolk coast, where a North Sea surge caused huge damage in 1953, and it's likely to happen again. I don't care what the nimbies say, I'd sooner have the whole country covered with wind turbines than one more nuclear reactor.

The Sizewell Debate

CANE (Communities Against Nuclear Expansion)

e-petition against nuclear power

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Pete Rowberry said...

The Environment Agency says that any new nuclear reactor at Sizewell can be protected from flood damage. This is true, all you have to do is build a huge wall around the site. What they have not addressed is how to get people in and out if an emergency happens and the consequences on coastal processes up and down stream. I suppose they could always helicopter IN nuclear engineers after a flood and helicopter OUT those poor people whose houses will be lost to the sea as a result of coastal processes caused by this huge construction. Never miond the innocent casualties, we need the POWER!

Richard said...

Lets be responsible to future generations and quit this whole nuclear nonsense,we have the technology in place to create a wonderful clean source of energy,lets use it and dump nuclear!!

Margaret said...

Thanks boys!