Saturday, May 21, 2011

Too much to tweet

On super-injunctions and Twitter

The Lord Chief Justice is quoted as saying "modern technology is totally out of control and everybody can put anything on it". The Iranian and Chinese governments (among others) would probably agree with him.

On the Rapture and the End of the World

The end of the world story has attracted a lot of attention because it's absurd and the jokes keep coming. Meanwhile, the consequences of climate change, which threaten everyone on the planet one way or another, are ignored. The sort of religious fundamentalists who issue dire warnings about salvation are often the same people who deny that there is such a thing.

On Monsieur Strauss-Khan and his embarrassing and inconvenient difficulties
Hugh Schofield of the BBC wrote:
I have always thought the British-French dichotomy to be hokum of the highest order. The basis of the idea is that while the British are prudish and repressed about sex, the French are triumphantly open about it.

Therefore it would be impossible to conceive of a French sex scandal, because no-one would find it shocking if prominent people were engaged in extra-marital affairs. It would just be perfectly normal behaviour. But I think this view of the French is wrong.

It is the same lazy stereotyping that perpetuates the notion that the French are extraordinary lovers. They have no hang-ups about sex, so they cut to the chase and perform the act with all the fiery passion of their frenetic Gallic genes.
One must presume innocence until proven guilty, but Dominique has a reputation for not keeping his trousers on in situations where it would be wiser to do so. "The great seducer" appears to be nothing more than a clumsily randy old man. The fallacy that French men are all "great seducers" and the convention that the sex lives of the rich and powerful should be protected by powerful privacy laws (unlike the UK) seems to allow no end of sexual shenanigans to be ignored. Not in New York, though.

Silvio Berlusconi also fancies himself as a great seducer. What is it with these ugly old men, that makes attractive young women prostitute themselves? Oh, silly me. Money.

Whenever she heard of male sexual misbehaviour, my mum would suggest that whoever had misbehaved should "tie a knot in it". If only.

On Netanyahu saying no to Obama

It would be political suicide for Netanyahu to agree to President Obama's suggestion that Israel should go back to its pre-1967 borders. He referred to "certain changes that have taken place" but the biggest change wasn't mentioned, which is that Israel has accepted thousands of immigrants since 1967, while thousands of Palestinians have been displaced by this influx. Le Monde says, "The 2.6 million immigrants who have arrived since 1948 have made Israel the only country whose population has multiplied by nine in the space of 50 years".

Immigrants from America appear to be some of the most ignorant and prejudiced Zionists, as recent TV programmes by Louis Theroux and Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou suggest. Dr Stavrakopoulou found Israeli tour guides giving very fanciful explanations for the archaeological evidence for Israel's claim to the "Promised Land". She said that her research led her to think that much of what's been taught about King David and the Jews right to the land is simply untrue. However, as long as a majority of Israelis believe the stories they've been fed since childhood, and as long as they keep building to house the next influx, no Israeli Premier can afford to agree with Obama.

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