Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Wayne Rooneyfication of society

I emailed my funeral celebrant colleagues yesterday about a report from The Co-operative, on funeral road rage - and increasing number of people don't seem to have any manners when they come across a funeral cortège, sounding their horns and breaking into the procession. The report reminded me of something a funeral director told me, years ago (he's retired now). He said that he was both angered and saddened by the change in attitudes towards funeral cortèges by the public. He could remember when, if a cortège passed in the street, men would stop and take their hats off, and bow their heads. Now, he said, no one bothers.

I was driving in a cortège recently. We were on our way to a remote rural cemetery, and the only person who knew the way was the driver of the hearse, at the front, so it was important to keep the cars in front in sight until we reached the turning-off point. About half way along, a white van driver broke into the procession in front of me. With lots of bends in the narrow road, it was impossible for him (I'm assuming it was a man) to go any further, and it was impossible for me to see past him, so when we did reach the cemetery I almost missed the turning. There have been many other examples of this sort of thing happening, particularly at roundabouts in town.

One of my colleagues replied:
I had heard about this and it doesn't surprise me. I've seen it happen myself many times. It's the 'Wayne Rooneyfication' of society.

My daughter and her husband both have stressful jobs and to unwind they walk most evenings from their home to the hospital in Heath Road and back, around six miles in all. Almost every night they are subjected to the foulest imaginable language from passing motorists many of whom slow right down, wind down the windows and let rip. The offenders often include females. There seems to be so much pent up anger in society and perhaps that's how they let it out. If only they'd direct that anger to more constructive purposes.
Not sure how though.

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