Thursday, September 30, 2010

Suffolk County Council - save it or lose it

Wouldn't it be great if our politicians used the brains they were born with? How does this make sense to the numpties?

At its meeting on 23 September 2010, members of Suffolk County Council were asked:

  1. to agree the recommendation from Cabinet that the future role of the Council will be an enabling one (focussing on becoming a strategic body with much less service delivery), based on the Council’s New Strategic Direction of transforming public services through collaboration and strengthening communities while reducing costs by 30%.
  2. to approve the further development of a model to reshape the Council to ‘divest’ services; reduce its size, cost and bureaucracy and build community capacity to enable Suffolk citizens to take greater control of their lives.
The motion was passed with 52 members voting in favour and 11 voting against.

If you're in Suffolk, please sign my petition. Just click on the banner...


And if you're really keen, go to my Save Suffolk Services blog to download some petition forms and collect more.

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