Friday, August 20, 2010

The wrong sort of people

There's a hoo-ha in New York over the objections to a "mosque" being built on "Ground Zero" - the site of the 9/11 disaster. The fact that it isn't a mosque, nor is it to be built on Ground Zero but several streets away, and that there were Muslim victims of 9/11, seems to have been overlooked by the grim-faced, placard-waving bigots who are making a fuss, claiming that the area is "hallowed ground". You'll find a gentlemen's club, burger joints, betting shops, and all the usual inner-city rubbish on this "hallowed ground", so why not a mosque?

After I'd posted several of these links on my Facebook page and Twitter, a friend sent me a link to this page: The 9/11 holocaust and the ground zero mosque.
If Americans were polled today and asked which city they associate with “ground zero,” would any answer “Hiroshima” or “Nagasaki”? Most likely, very few — even though the anniversary of the nuclear bombings has only just passed.
Paul Woodward makes a lot of sense. He doesn't mention the murderous regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia or the orgy of killing in Rwanda just a few years ago. There are many other examples. It's interesting how some episodes have been claimed by one political or religious group or another to further their agendas of vengeance, conveniently ignoring all the untidy evidence that might have clouded the picture of victimhood, such as America's support for Israel and its aggression in the Middle East, which has turned countless young Muslim men into potential martyrs for Islam. What all of it demonstrates is that humankind is the most dangerous species on the planet, not just because it's over-breeding and making the planet uninhabitable - some areas faster than others - but because it has always been willing to kill the wrong sort of people. As far as I'm concerned, the wrong sort of people are the stupid, prejudiced and ignorant ones, because they're dangerous, but I'm not about to kill anyone.

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